Delivery of equipment and materials for construction, major repair and campus maintenance.

  • Gas and oil, petrochemical industries;
  • Metallurgical and energy complexes;
  • Building and alimentary industries;
  • Engineering and consumer good industries;
  • Various state and commercial organizations and companies.



We are official exclusive representatives of the following companies in Kazakhstan:

«Iteco Ltd» South Korea - Production:

  • Electrical High Voltage cables up to 330 Kv
  • Control cables
  • fiber optic cable
  • Telecommunication cable
  • Submarine cable
  • Overhead power transmission line
  • Corrugated Optical Ducts (World Patent)



«Kwang Myung Engineering Co. Ltd.» South Korea - Production:  


    • Ladder type cable trays (Hot-dip galvanised)
    • Cable trays with hard bottom 
    • Stamp type cable trays
    • Covers and bolts of cable
    • Aluminium cable trays
    • Perforated cable trays
    • Support for cable trays

Cable channels



Strategic agreement between LLP "KazPowerTrade" and LLP "Electroservice" for realization common project on the territory of Republic of Kazakhstan. 


Installation-setup organization LLP "Electroservice" with the 1st category License of shell and core work.

LLP "Electroservice" has the following functions: 

  • designing and installation of utility networks and engineering system;
  • pre-commissioning activities of electrical equipment  and equipment of testing instrument and automatic control;
  • construction, architectural, technological engineering and installation, operation of special projects sections;
  • production of ventilating, sanitary-engineering, electric-installation equipment;
  • installation and repair of electrotransmission trunk lines with rate up to 110 Kv and more;
  • construction of power network and electric lighting;
  • repair, checkout, harness of electric equipment and oil filling.